Open Ignite

Join, Learn, Get noticed, Get Hired..

Who should join?

Open Ignite is a special and exclusive initiative by TCS for science students. It is a free portal for imparting employability skills to science students aspiring for a career in IT.

You should consider joining Open Ignite If
  1. You are a first/second or third year student of a science college or have recently graduated.
  2. You are pursuing BCA/BCS/Bach of IT or B. Sc in Com. Science, IT, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry or Electronics.
  3. You are excited about computers and a career in the IT industry
  4. You would like to enjoy a global career and work anywhere in the world
  5. You would like to work on cutting-edge technologies that are changing the world.
Over 1.50,000 students from 5,000 colleges across the country are already enrolled and preparing to launch their IT career. So why are you waiting? Join right now.

How will it help you?

The IT industry is the largest employer of science graduates in the country. Most IT companies have a similar selection process and look for a common set of skills. You can acquire those skills here in Open Ignite. Learning resources in Open Ignite include

  1. Thousands of aptitude practice questions and tests
  2. A programming tutor for learning Java online
  3. Video lessons on IT topics
  4. Team-based projects
  5. Mind development games
  6. Communication and business skills
  7. Forums to discuss technical topics with friends and experts

Active participation in Open Ignite will significantly improve your preparedness for the selection process of IT companies.TCS alone has made offers to nearly 5,000 learners so far. Enrol today and take the first step to a global career.

Open Challenge 2016

Does the thought of being a part of India's biggest IT company inspire you. Do you aspire to work for a global leader in the industry. Do you want a world class training program to ignite your career? Want to learn while you earn? Then compete in Open Challenge 2016 today and throw your hat in the ring for a TCS job. All you have to do is

5 Simple steps

  1. Register
  2. Complete your detailed profile (portfolio) 100%
  3. Take any two online, open aptitude tests.
  4. View at least two video lessons.
  5. Submit the solutions for any two Open Lab challenges. Invite your smart friends too to join. You can form a team with them to do the Open Lab challenge.

To compete in Open Challenge 2016, you should be a BCA/ BCS/ B. Sc (Comp Sc/ Math/ Statistics/ Phy/ Chem/ Electronics/IT) student either graduating in 2016 or already graduated in 2014 or 2015. So take the plunge now. Who knows, you could be soon receiving an invite to the next stage of the hiring process.

Open Challenge 2016 calendar

Hurry! Open Challenge 2016, the gateway for science students for a career with TCS is on. Be the first off the block!

Important dates

Registration Open now! Hurry..
Open Challenge 2016 Open now! Ends on October 1st week
Interviews Jan-Feb 2016
Offers Feb-Mar 2016
Joining TCS Starting July 2016